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About CNet Training

International award-winning technical education company, CNet Training, has been designing and delivering professional network infrastructure education programs since 1996. Today, CNet designs and delivers programs throughout the digital infrastructure industry (spanning the network infrastructure and data centre sectors) across the world. 


CNet is also the originator of the highly acclaimed Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework (https://www.cnet-training.com/the-global-data-centre-network-infrastructure-education-framework). It offers industry professionals an opportunity to plan technical education programs to meet their own career progression plans and their employer’s requirements. Programs from the framework are recognised and respected all over the world and provide designations that have become key skills reference points that allow those holding them to clearly demonstrate their knowledge, ability and skills, whilst also providing sought-after credentials that are often specified in job roles throughout the global industry. 

Each program from The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework has been designed to address the skills and knowledge requirements of those working in different areas of this vibrant and fast-moving sector. Whilst the programs flow perfectly from one to another they are of equal value as stand-alone programs, plus you can enter the framework at the level that matches your existing education and experience.

So, whatever your job role, you will be able to find an education program to suit you.

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